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Nurse & Midwife Support (NM Support) is the national, 24/7 support service for nurses, midwives, students, and anyone concerned about the welfare of a nurse, midwife or student. NM Support provides a national telephone and interactive website support service, funded by the Nursing & Midwifery Board of Australia and operated independently by Turning Point. NM Support offers free, anonymous and confidential support no matter where you are in Australia.
Nurse and Midwife Support

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Claiming CPD Relevance

You can claim the reading and reflection of this post as a CPD activity if it is relevant to your current role. Approximate time allocation for this post is 55 minutes. Don’t forget to download the Self Directed CPD Activity Certificate Template by subscribing to the Nursing News Blog. Don’t forget to download the Self Directed CPD Activity Certificate Template by subscribing to the Nursing News Blog. Click here to subscribe>>

Work, life, and Mental Health

In this podcast from Nurse and Midwife Support Mark Aitken, RN Stakeholder Engagement Manager, talks with Sarah Russell.

“Sarah Russell lives with bipolar disorder — a common, but often misunderstood, mental illness. Sarah was diagnosed at 18 but trained and worked as a nurse while managing her mental illness, with periods when she was unable to work due to difficulties associated with her illness. Mark has known Sarah for many years. From time to time, we worked together. Sarah is an incredible advocate for the ability of people with mental illness to live full, happy and productive lives. She has written a book, A Lifelong Journey: Staying Well with Manic Depression/Bipolar Disorder.”

In the podcast, Dr Sarah Russell talks about living with Bipolar Disorder. From her diagnosis at the age of 18, her commencing her Nursing training in the early ’80s and the challenges she has faced along the way to get to where she is today. Dr Sarah Russell is a public health researcher and aged care advocate. She has been the Principal Researcher at Research Matters since 1999.

Sarah discusses the strategies that she has developed to manage her Bipolar Disorder and what support she found helpful in her workplace and what others did that was very unhelpful. She talks about establishing a ”Stay Well Committee” of supporters and knowing all there is to know about your illness. Sarah also discusses how having a mental health condition is viewed in the workplace and how a supportive manager can make all the difference.

I hope you enjoy the podcast click here >> to listen.