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After studying for years and then beginning your clinical career, it is unlikely you pictured yourself managing people and money.While for some it is personal choice many clinicians end up (either by fate, seniority or some form of coercion) to be responsible for a cost centre. The need to become more financially literate and work toward achieving financial sustainability is essential in driving the business improvements across the health services – both private and public. Improving your understanding of the basic concepts of finance, internal controls, team development etc. will give you an enormous opportunity to be more confident in managing your cost centre.
Training Capability
This is a frequent comment on Training Capability’s “Business Skills for Health Professionals” post course happy sheets.

Ever since my early days of teaching business skills to the long-term unemployed to last week’s classes, I noted gaps in skills and knowledge which can make the working day just a little bit more challenging, annoying, frustrating, and tiring.

There seems to be more compliance training than ever, more leadership courses than you can poke a self-awareness stick at. However, regardless of the profession, the management level, age or experience there are basic skills that often seem to be missing from training schedules.

I will always believe the best learning environment is face-to-face and the most successful change is made through cohorts learning and transforming together. (Sending one staff member on a course rarely achieves desired changes in behaviour – and it’s not cost effective.) While taking groups off-line can be difficult – it’s very much worthwhile.

The learner’s interest level, experience, relevance of content and the delivery style of the trainer will impact how much they remember. Good facilitation uses engaging and relevant content to both entertain and maximise retention.

Learning can be reinforced with additional, on demand, material supporting the face-to-face experience. The good news is that YouTube, and similar hosting sites, can provide employees with the ‘how to’ material for those moments when finding a solution to their problem is front of mind.

Locating such support material on LMS sites means logging in (what was that password?)

So, in the interests of business improvement (and the fact that I really like making micro-learning videos), over time I will be sharing with you short bits of information, knowledge, etc. in the hope that I can make your day just a little less tiresome.

This week’s attempt –

4 tips for better meeting outcomes

(For best results you might need headphones so not to annoy your colleagues – and choose the HD quality by clicking on the settings cog).

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