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Nursing has been good to me, this week I have been reflecting on friendships new and old and how important they are to our lives. As a young nurse barely eighteen, my mother dropped me off at the nurse’s home at The Princess Alexandra Hospital and just left me there. I was terrified. We were housed alphabetically and soon the five girls closest to me in the alphabet were firm friends and we have remained friends ever since. We all supported each other through thick and thin. All of our lives took different paths but these wonderful girls mean so much to me, I love catching up with them when I can.

Three weeks ago I started a new job, for me it’s a dream job, as a lecturer at the local Uni. There already is a core group of women who are incredibly supportive of each other and it’s wonderful and inspiring to witness this. Nursing gets a bad rap for eating their young and it’s notorious for the bullying that occurs within this profession. If there is one thing I’d like to accomplish at the University it would be to encourage nurses to become resilient so this does not affect them.

Resilience is not something that is taught at university but I would argue it is certainly something that needs to be taught and promoted. Amongst everything else we have to teach young people to be resilient. Life throws so many challenges at us that Resilience 101 should be a core subject. Every day we hear stories of people who have suffered from lack of resilience. But every day, in every workplace all over the world we witness women supporting each other. I’ve had a rough few years and I admit I haven’t been very resilient but I have had amazing support from old friends and new, near and far, from family, from acquaintances, from strangers.

I am grateful for every single person that comes into my life. I’m grateful for the nursing sisterhood, I’m grateful to the people who have encouraged me along the way, who never gave up on me and who kept believing in me. This is one of the great things about nursing, wonderful women ( and men ) who know what it’s like to deal with all of the challenges life throws at you. I love seeing the nursing students and hearing their stories. I love seeing young people learning at the local Uni, a small campus set amongst the gum trees. I’m very grateful for this opportunity at this late stage in my life to experience something new and wonderful. Keep being kind to each other.