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What is an Emporium?

It’s a large department store or marketplace or venue, especially one with a great variety of articles, product or resources.

Why a Nursing and Midwifery Emporium?

Nicole Nash-Arnold from Nurse Manager HQ and myself, Sue Walker from the Nurses for Nurses Network and the Nursing CPD Institute recently created the Nursing and Midwifery Emporium as the home of the This Nursing Life podcast.

Nic and I have worked together for years now. We’ve waxed lyrical for most of that time on all things nursing. We met Mark Aitken a little while ago and all the things that Nic and I had discussed ad naseum were all the things that Mark felt passionate about as well. The big issues that Nic and I had intuitively felt nurses were worried about with our interactions through Nurses for Nurses and Nurse Manager HQ were mirrored back to us from Mark and his work with Nurse + Midwife Support. Nurses were worried about how to progress their career, retirement & finances, wellness and where to go for educational opportunities

Where to Now

And so that was it! We knew we had to put a platform together to give nurses the information, resources and stories that they needed to live their best nursing life. Nursing + Midwifery Emporium was born for exactly that reason. Our vision was to create a place where nurses could access a variety of non-clinical information about their careers and the lifestyle of being a nurse.

Click here>> to go to the Nursing and Midwifery Emporium and explore the podcasts already there. Sign up for our newsletter so we can tell you when the new podcasts have been listed. So many topics to cover – so many fabulous people to meet, so many Nursing colleagues sharing their experiences, so much more to explore.