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These ‘Safe’ Drugs are not safe! I just read a great article by acclaimed Women’s Health Expert, Christiane Northrup entitled “Why I Won’t Take These ‘Safe’ Drugs.” The four drugs she mentions in the article are four that I am also very against, and it was excellent to read her simple, but thorough explanations of why they are so dangerous.

Christiane Northrup 1She writes:

“In Western Medicine, drugs are created to treat symptoms as opposed to the root cause of the condition. If you only suppress your symptoms, instead of also addressing the cause, your body will often protest by developing so-called “side effects” to medication—or even by developing another dis-ease. This is how our bodies talk to us.

But, there is nothing “side” about these effects—they are the direct result of the drugs.

Many of the most popular drugs being prescribed for millions have significant side effects that just don’t outweigh the risks. There are three four drugs, which are frequently prescribed to women, that fall into this category—and which I personally would not take.”

Those four drugs that Dr Northrup writes about are:

  • Statins for heart health (I wrote an article about the dangers of these just a few days ago, here:)
  • Bisphosphonates for bone loss
  • Premarin, Prempro, and all other synthetic hormones
  • Prilosec, Nexium, and Prevacid – stomach acid inhibitors that in my opinion are one of the worst category of drug ever invented

The health issues that these medications are designed to treat, are ones that are able to be healed with the correct natural medicine protocols. Drugs are designed for one purpose only – to alleviate symptoms. They are NOT designed to heal the body of the underlying cause that has led to the development of symptoms in the first place. Covering up symptoms with medication does not give the opportunity for the body to heal, and only perpetuates the original imbalance, often leading to a cascade of declining health, needing more and more medication for symptom management. That path is a path to disaster.

To find out more about the detrimental effects of these commonly prescribed drugs, read the full article at:

And if you would like to find out how to heal these health issues naturally – or prevent them from occurring in the first place, book in for a naturopathic consultation with me today!



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