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Hi, I am Veet Karen. I have been a healthy vegetarian for over three decades and along the way, I have educated myself on how to eat as healthy as I possibly can. I established a catering business seven years ago ‘Veet’s Cuisine” to following my passion of cooking incredibly healthy and creative vegetarian cuisine. Prior to that, I was a care worker for people with disabilities for eight years and a teacher for twelve years.
Veet Karen

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Plant-Based Diet

There is a lot of talk at present about a “Plant-Based Diet”. That is a diet totally reliant on plant foods – you consume nothing that had a mother. As opposed to a vegetarian diet where you might consume eggs, butter, or cheese a plant-based diet recommends no animal products at all.

Plant-based is a little different to a vegan diet in that plant-based eaters also aim to cut out processed foods as much as possible where a person following a vegan diet can still eat biscuits, lollies, chips, etc. One of the most famous proponents of a plant-based diet, Dr Michael Gregor, talks about the unhealthy vegan – just because you don’t eat animal products doesn’t equate to being healthy if you still eat processed food.

I would love to tell you that I am 100% committed to the plant-based model – which I am- the mind is committed but the body weak – so I am currently a work in progress!!

Veet is a fabulous Vegan chef and a fully committed plant-based eater. Her recipes are delicious and her cooking school legendary. I’ve shared a great post that she recently wrote on three weeks of packed lunch ideas. The Vietnamese style baguette was gooooood!

Click here>> to get those recipes.


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