What do you know about oral drugs for cancer treatment? “Oral targeted therapies are increasingly being used to treat cancer. Targeted therapies block the spread or growth of cancer by interfering with specific molecules or pathways involved in the growth and progression of cancer. The target molecule may be present in normal tissue, but is overexpressed or mutated in the cancer. These drugs can be more effective than cytotoxic chemotherapy as they are specific to the cancer.”

The enclosed article is from the October edition of the Australian Prescriber.  If you work with clients who are on oral targeted therapy you will find this article straight forward and of interest. Great to use as a quick reference as it includes reference tables to read at a glance.

“Targeted therapies do not damage normal cells in the way cytotoxic chemotherapy does. Despite their selectivity, targeted therapies still have adverse effects, ranging from mild skin reactions to fatal gastrointestinal perforation  Toxicity depends largely on the target of the drug and the drug’s individual properties. Most targeted therapies, with the exception of immunomodulatory drugs, are known to cause nausea, diarrhoea and skin problems. ”

Did you know that the adverse effects of individual drugs and the management of these drugs  can be found in the eviQ Cancer Treatments Online website www.eviq.org.au

Oral Cancer Treatment