Why is Nursing Culture Important

Nicole Nash-Arnold from Nurse Manager HQ is our second cohost of This Nursing Life podcast. Nic’s all-consuming passion is nursing culture. We used to be great at camaraderie. We used to be excellent at having fun, breaking rules and suffering the wrath of intimidating nursing supervisors who stalked our corridors. If anything shows our heritage, it’s the show Call the Midwife. We’re at risk of losing our sense of community and it’s high time to take control.

Nic’s key message is – take control of our destiny: we’re more powerful than we think. Burnout is on the rise. A recent survey in the NHS revealed nursing burnout is on the rise and it’s leading to experienced nurses leaving our industry. Meanwhile, workloads increase with the ageing population and clinical acuity compounds that with ever-increasing chronic disease. Gone are the days of having a patient load of fit, well middle-aged post-operative patients. Now, it’s octogenarians with multiple comorbidities. The nursing workforce is diminishing with the average age of nurses being in their late forties. Our health services are left with no choice but to expect us to do more with less.

That impacts our happiness at work. Nic’s missions is to show people the techniques they need to make truly great places to work. Whether that’s how to deal with difficult personalities, become an empowered nurse leader, support our junior nurses with teaching and mentoring techniques that bring success or engage with patients to truly make a difference. And at the end of the day, nurses come together to bond. It might be over a drink at the local pub, but it’s the bonds that matter and will kill burnout.

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