“Everything you have ever wanted to know about wound care management”

The Nurses for Nurses Network has created a nine-module Wound Management Program, called the Fabulous World of Wounds that provides the Nurse with the skill and knowledge to assess, plan, and manage wounds in the clinical setting, to achieve the best possible outcome for the client.

The modules are delivered in several different formats. The content of each module stands alone as a continuing professional development (CPD) activity and at the completion of each module, a CPD Certificate will be awarded as evidence of the education activity.

Should a Nurse complete all nine modules within a two-year period they will be awarded an additional certificate indicating that they have completed the full Nursing Wound Management Program. 

The two-year period commences from the completion date of the first wound care module the Nurse chooses to undertake. Two years was chosen as an acceptable time frame where changes to science or industry practice would not quickly occur.

Cheryl Dezotti is the author and creator of the Nursing Wound Management Program.

The Modules included in the Wound Management Program are as follows:

Module One: Physiology and Best Practice Wound Assessment | 8 CPD hours

Module Two: Acute Wounds – Types and Management | 12 CPD hours

Module Three: International Best Practice – Pressure Injury Prevention and Management | 7 CPD hours

Module Four: Chronic Wounds – Best Practice Management | 12 CPD hours

Module Five: Complex and Hard to Heal Wounds | 6 CPD hours

Module Six: Wound Products and Best Practice Application | 6 CPD hours

Module 7: Wound Therapies | 6 CPD hours

Module 8: Wound Care Practice Tasks | 12 CPD hours

Module 9: Specialised Populations and Wound Management Considerations | 12 CPD hours

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