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Sue is a Registered Nurse and holds a Masters Degree in Primary Health Care majoring in Palliative Care. Sue has extensive experience both as a clinician, educator, and senior manager in the aged care, mental health, and palliative care settings.
Sue Walker

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How to Eat Your Way to Happiness is the title of a book written by Professor Felice Jacka who has undertaken extensive research in the area of diet and emotional and mental health.

At our recent Wellness Conference, Professor Chris Stapelberg cited her work in his presentation on depression and also in other presentations that looked at the impact of food, the microbiome, and mental illness.

In a recent study, Prof. Jacka examined data from MRI scans of approximately 250 older Australians, then studied their diets to see if the quality of their diets was linked to the size of their hippocampus – a region of the brain thought to be central to learning, memory and mood. Those people who had a diet higher in fruit, vegetables and fish had larger hippocampi, while those whose diets were high in processed and takeaway foods had smaller hippocampi. These dietary patterns were also linked to the participants’ risk for depression over time.”

So what does the healthy diet look like? Well, it is predominately unprocessed, plant-based with the inclusion of legumes and some good sources of with omega-3, such as fish and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

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