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In the vegan foundation course we cover an hour or so on essential sauces to have in your fridge. I extend the sauces to also include pesto and most people’s favourite, hummus. No one’s fridge needs to be without hummus for too long. It is interesting watching the participants in the class when they first taste my hummus as I have got so used to making hummus without garlic and just love it, but many think it is lacking something and I always know what it is. Its the pungent sharp taste that garlic provides. If I do add garlic I will cook the garlic first. In my traditional hummus recipe I ensure like my Israeli friends do, to add the lemon last and make sure there is ample of it as well as ample tahini.

Hummus in it’s traditional form of chickpeas still appears to be a lot of people’s favourite but now there are some great creations coming in a close second place to the original recipe. For a raw hummus you can actually use sprouted chickpeas or activated almonds and one of my favourite is zucchini hummus. Many people add beetroot to make a pink hummus and I have been told you can make it out of cauliflower which I have never tried. Some add spices like cumin, coriander and even smoked paprika. And the recipe I share with you today is made with sorrel or lemon sorrel.

This recipe is good for those times when lemons soar in price and are so dry they aren’t worth even attempting a squeeze. Sorrel leaves are great due to their lemony taste so you can easily substitute sorrel for lemon. You will need to use a fair bit though.

Sorrel hummus


150g sorrel leaves
1 1/2 cups cooked chickpeas
1/4 cup tahini
salt to taste
filtered water to thin
olive oil to swirl on the top when serving
a few green and kalamata olives to decorate


Place the sorrel, chickpeas and tahini in a food processor and process until combined. Add salt to taste and water to thin to your liking. I would start with a 1/4 cup and then decide from there. Serve in a bowl and add olive oil and decorate with the olives.

Get Off The Fence

What’s going on everyone, there are plenty of people asking about the next Vegan Foundation Cooking Course in July and no one is following through to book. Who is interested? Who wants to take the four available spaces? Be quick as if I don’t get any bookings by the middle of April I will pull the pin on the July course and that will be a royal shame as winter veg are a delight to work with. So if you have been sitting on the fence its time to get off. Come and join me for a fun filled winter warming three days in a very creative vegan kitchen. Click here for the application form.

Have a fabulous week everyone and do let me know what hummus you choose to make this week. You can make comments on my blog post by going to these two facebook groups:
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