Denise Donati

Denise Donati

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Denise Donati is a Registered Nurse and has worked in assisted reproduction for 24 years. She is passionate about education for nurses and allied health professionals working in the area of Assisted Reproduction. She is also passionate about making a difference for her patients by providing them with an exceptional experience.Denise has also presented extensively in the UK and South East Asia on topics relating to assisted reproduction.
Denise Donati

Egg Freezing – More common than you think!

In this blog post, Denise Donati reviews the concept of Egg Freezing becoming more popular due to social reasons.

Egg freezing was originally offered to patients undergoing cancer treatment but now with women establishing careers, extending study, and taking time to create stable relationships – elective egg freezing is seen as a viable choice to support lifestyle planning.

Females are born with their total number of eggs and no more are produced throughout their lifetime.  For most women, fertility peaks in the early to mid 20’s, followed by a steady decline until her mid 30’s, and then a rapid decline after 35 until menopause. By the age of 40, approximately 90% of eggs produced by a woman are abnormal. Unfortunately, for some women, the only option to have a baby is using donor eggs or embryos.

In order for women to have their eggs frozen they need to go through an IVF cycle to increase the number of eggs available for retrieval. Once the eggs are obtained they are stored in liquid nitrogen as per the National Health and Medical Council’s (NHMRC) Ethical Guidelines. Denise’s organisation – Fertility Solutions will store eggs for clients up to 15 years.

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