Which Type of Duct Tape Is Best for Wart Removal?

If you have been following the previous two parts then this last and final part on the use of duct tape and wart removal will be of great interest to you.

As Dr Gregor commences his presentation I was concerned. The results of the research using duct tape to remove warts in children were showing it to be of no use. The studies were from 1978 and showed that the use of the duct tape provided no success in the treatment of warts and the intervention was forgotten.  It turns out that the reviews that were undertaken used clear tape that has an acrylic adhesive where the silver duct tape has a rubber based adhesive. It is this rubber based adhesive along with the occlusive nature of the dark tape that has the therapeutic effect – the latest reviews showing a 20% better success rate over cryotherapy.

I hope you find the video interesting.

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