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Today I was thinking about the challenges that nursing and medicine have had in 2017. So many things to think about so many new and exciting pathways. I’ve read about the bravery and courage of nurses and Drs faced with terrible situations such as the Trauma rooms in the hospitals in Las Vegas  following the mass shooting at the Country and Western concert, where things were so dire they ran out of ventilators and the Dr successfully ventilated two patients with one ventilator and some Y tubing.  The Dr in charge that night was a confident young fellow with spectacular problem solving skills.

I watched Mike Willesee on Australian Story talk about his battle with throat cancer and his treatment with the new Immunotherapy drug Keytruda and I thank our society for the people who have the vision and forethought to develop these treatments for the betterment of mankind.

I read about a new digital drug that sends a message to  the patients physician and four other people ( usually relatives or carers)once the medication has been taken ( usually a  medication used for schizophrenia) This use of the medication allows Drs to monitor patient compliance with patient consent ( that can be withdrawn at any time )

I’ve watched Brian Cox discuss Artificial Intelligence and I’ve listened to my old tutor discuss the use of robots in our society, particularly in warfare

The Assisted Dying bill was introduced into the Victorian parliament and discussion about this topic has increased. Physician assisted dying is now legal in six states in the US and I believe it will soon be legal in Australia.

Tomorrow we find out the results of the same sex marriage survey and perhaps we will see it legal for same sex couples to marry in Australia by Christmas.

These are all changes in our society that impact upon us as nurses. Nurses have always responded to societal changes. This year I’ve taught over 1000 new nursing students and there has been some amazing young minds I’ve come across. Once again, I’d like to celebrate and recognise what we do as nurses and as a part of the healthcare team. As I marvel at what we do every day, it’s such an honour to be a nurse.

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