Training Capability

Training Capability

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After studying for years and then beginning your clinical career, it is unlikely you pictured yourself managing people and money.While for some it is personal choice many clinicians end up (either by fate, seniority or some form of coercion) to be responsible for a cost centre. The need to become more financially literate and work toward achieving financial sustainability is essential in driving the business improvements across the health services – both private and public. Improving your understanding of the basic concepts of finance, internal controls, team development etc. will give you an enormous opportunity to be more confident in managing your cost centre.
Training Capability

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Business Essentials Cost Centre Management
Session 2: Business Case Writing

Cost Centre Management can appear complex but with the right knowledge and skills, it can be interesting and rewarding.

The team from Training Capability, a company that engages and educates staff to assist in the financial turnaround for health services have created a training package.

The training will provide clinicians, and anyone with financial delegation, the knowledge and skills required to understand their role when committing resources to deliver quality patient care – and be financially sustainable.

Elizabeth Wilmot and John Allen are the Directors of Training Capability. They have considerable experience as Senior employees of various Health Services –  giving both credibility and relevant understanding when engaging in training staff as they have lived and breathed their roles.

Elizabeth and John have provided four (4) webinars for you to view on key areas of financial management. This is number 2 in the series.

The webinar series will give you a taste for the breadth of the material they provide in their Cost Centre Management training package.

“I hope you enjoy this webinar – I certainly did.” Sue Walker