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Melanie McGrice is one of Australia’s best-known dietitians. She is a highly respected author of ‘The Pregnancy Weight Plan’ and co-author of several papers published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. An experienced media presenter on health, nutrition, and dietary issues Melanie is passionate about educating Australians to eat well, appreciate good food and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Join her free nutrition and wellbeing network at:
Melanie McGrice

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Belly Fat

Last week I was contacted by Channel 9 to film a segment for Today Extra on how to deal with belly fat. I was asked to discuss beer belly’s, post-pregnancy belly’s, stress belly’s and bloated belly’s.

You Can Watch the Segment here>>

What I’m surprised about

As a dietitian, I get asked about how to decrease belly size A LOT, so I’m not surprised that it was a popular episode. What I am surprised about though, is how OFTEN I get asked about what is often a very natural curve. I get that we all want to be our healthiest and look our best, and I wholeheartedly believe that’s a good thing, but personally, I feel that some people worry about their belly a little more than they need to. I watch little girls like my nieces and foster kids, and they run around with bellies poking out without a care in the world! Sometimes a belly doesn’t mean that we’re fat or unhealthy, it’s just part of our normal female shape.

I want you to know that it’s ‘normal’:

  • for our belly to expand after a meal
  • to fart (between 8 – 12 times per day)
  • for women to carry a little bit of fat around their belly (ideally our waist (at our belly button) should be smaller than our hips (where our hip bone is), but there should be SOME padding

But, if you’re concerned, come and see me (or one of my team members) and we can help you out.

There is some great information on Melanie’s website – the link to the Women’s Health Section can be found here>>

So often women put everyone else’s needs before their own, but if you’re not healthy, you won’t have the energy to help others. Discover how to revolutionise your health with the right diet so that you can live a happier and more fulfilling life.