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I just read an article published in the Sydney Morning Herald, where the author admits to fantasising about Pete Evans contracting a life-threatening illness so that he can put his “food as medicine” beliefs to the test – I’m assuming so that he can fail (and die) so that the author will be vindicated in his belief that food does not have the power to heal disease. I am so disgusted at the appalling inhumanity of that article that it takes my breath away. The media seems to be lowering itself to the most vile form of attack to try and discredit anyone – but especially those with a following and strong media profile – from speaking positively about the impact of eating a wholefoods diet as a way of both preventing and treating disease. It is ignorant, divisive, and heartless.

In this country we have such a blinkered and brain-washed view about health – a media-driven, deliberately engineered divide between “science” and “quackery”. Quackery appears to be anything that challenges the status quo of orthodox medicine being the only form of health treatment, and anything else is considered to be “unscientific” and “scamming” the vulnerable and naive consumer. It is an incredibly one-sided conversation, with the knowledge, science (yes – real science), and results being experienced by hundreds of thousands of people around the world who are moving away from orthodox medicine and finding help in the world of natural alternatives – being completely ignored, vilified, and ridiculed.

Even though I am not the world’s greatest Paleo fan as I have a few differing beliefs around certain elements of it – on the whole it is a massive step forward in the education of the consumer about the power of wholefoods to create health and reverse disease. Pete Evans, with his prominent media presence is doing a fantastic job of getting this topic out in the media. I admire his strength of conviction, courage, and purpose in the face of some incredibly cruel and abhorrent media attacks. I think the level they are now stooping to – to discredit the message that Pete is aiming to deliver – shows just how much impact he is having and the lengths that the media and those who control it will go to in the fight to annihilate our industry. I wrote not so long ago about a piece aired on A Current Affair about this topic – “Paleo Pete & Fad Diets” – which again took a huge swipe at Pete personally, and aimed to ridicule his passion for the healing power of food.

I have been in the natural medicine industry for a long time – decades. I also worked for five years at Hippocrates Health Centre, a raw vegan detoxification retreat on the Gold Coast, guiding people through a week long raw vegan juice fast and holistic detoxification program, assisting thousands upon thousands of people to change their lifestyle and heal from many varied chronic diseases. Following that, for the past eight years I have been running my own retreats, educating people on the incredible healing power of a naturopathically designed detoxification program, and the influence of eating a primarily plant-based, wholefoods diet. The results are astounding. I have been privileged to witness the reversal of just about every type of chronic disease there is. These are not easily dismissed “anecdotal” stories people tell about how they feel better after eating well for a few weeks – these are cases where we see real changes in blood tests results, reversals in the markers of disease, the reduction and elimination of symptoms. It is not quackery – it is real and cannot be ignored no matter how many media lackeys spread their false and uneducated opinions about health and healing.

The truth is being revealed, and as the saying goes: “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

We are in the stage of food as medicine being violently opposed. Worse is to come I am sure – but if we keep moving forward in spite of the scorn that is thrown at us, trusting in the clear and unquestionable results that those of us in the industry see every single day, we will see the tide turn and the knowledge we have now will become self-evident.