ACFI Records!

The Aged Care Act 1997 requires Approved Providers to keep records relating to ACFI appraisals for the service for three years, and to conduct their ACFI appraisals or reappraisals in a proper manner. ACFI appraisal packs must contain all information needed by the department to verify a provider’s ACFI claim.

Approved Providers must also ensure that they have completed their appraisal packs in accordance with the ACFI User Guide. The care recipient’s pack should be available on request when a review is undertaken by the department. A failure to do so may result in compliance action. Further information is available on the department’s basic subsidy amount (ACFI) webpage.

All Providers should ensure that the evidence used to support funding claims are accurate and can withstand scrutiny from the ACFI Validators particularly in view of the stated aims of the Government to challenge funding claims particularly in complex health and medications. 

The other area of importance is the requirement to have assessments that support ADL claims.  We understand that the Validators will be interviewing residents, observing them  etc as part of the validation process.  They have always been able to do this but had not done it regularly.  Just remember that a resident has a right to refuse access to their room or to participate in conversations as they wish.

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