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A number of Organisations utilise the Nursing CPD Institute to assist their staff in meeting their Continuing Professional Development Annual Registration requirement. They do this, not only to value add to their Registered Nursing staff, but to also be sure that the care provided to their clients is based on current best practice guidelines.

These Organisations have extended their use of the Nursing CPD Institute's platform to create their own education portal for their staff and have tailored additional education sessions to reflect the unique knowledge requirements of their service.

The reason they have chosen the Nursing CPD Institute is that our education portal provides one of the most dynamic and cost-effective Nursing online education options available in Australia today. For a small annual fee, you can have your education covered. Your annual fee gives your staff access to all CPD sessions available on the site.

Who is the Nursing CPD Institute?

What is a Corporate Subscription?

How can a we benefit you and your Organisation?

From as little as 23 cents per person per day, learn more about NCI and how we can provide the most cost effective CPD solution for you and your Organisation.

The sessions are broadly grouped under the following key areas to assist with easy recognition of sessions of interest.

  • Accreditation
  • Annual Competencies
  • Clinical Care
  • Clinical Management
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Customer Service
  • Dementia Care
  • Diabetes
  • Infection Control, Antimicrobial Stewardship & Communicable Diseases
  • Law and Nursing
  • Medication Management
  • Palliative Care
  • Quality Improvement
  • Teamwork and you
  • Work Health and Safety
  • Wound Management

You can create a Learning Plan for your staff from the CPD library to complete in a time frame you choose, and you will be able to monitor their compliance.

Learning Plan

The Education Matrix is a very useful tool to provide concurrent evidence for accreditation purposes or to assist with Human Resource Management.

The Education Matrix allows the Administrator to monitor an individual staff member, or group of staff, or the entire workforce and the sessions that are being completed for a specified date range via an automated process.

Education Matrix

To support Nurses in the provision of evidence should they be audited by AHPRA, each employee has access to a Professional Portfolio on the website. 

This Portfolio is stored securely and the employee can add and alter information as they choose. The Portfolio upon completion is auto compiled into a PDF document for ease of email / printing.

Professional Portfolio

Our affiliation with Australian College of Nursing provides your staff the opportunity to grow their career and tap into their individual potential.

The Platform is not limited by the availability, skill and/or knowledge base of the Service Educator, the portal provides staff access to over 250 educators 24 hours a day.

"NPAQ was launched in May 2014.

We had identified the importance of relevant CPD learning tools for Nurses and were very pleased to have located the Nursing CPD Institute.

Giving our members access to a platform which is available online 24/7 and maintains their CPD Training records is a real benefit.

We appreciate the effort the NCI team have put into the creation of the content and its ongoing development"

Cath Seaver

Secretary of NPAQ

Is it easy to use?

Customer feedback confirms that Nurses find the portal simple, effective and easy to use whilst the education sessions reflect current best practice legislation and clinical guidelines.

Am I limited by geography?

The platform is not limited by geography – if the site has the internet they have the same access to education irrespective of where they are located in Australia, or indeed overseas.

Something else you need to know

Your contracted service providers can create sessions on the use of their product for staff to access at any time, so knowledge is not limited by the availability of the Company Rep to physically travel and provide a session at every service.

You can be confident...

The Institute was established in 2011 and has evolved to become one of the largest online Nurse education portals in Australia. It was created by and continues to be staffed by specialist Nurse educators, who continue to work within the tertiary and health industry sectors.

Who is the Nursing CPD Institute?

Meet the Team

Sue Walker

Nurse Education Specialist 

Education Governance Committee Member

Dr Pam

Nurse Education Specialist 

Education Governance Committee Member

Brooke Batchelor

Clinical Nurse Educator

Education Governance Committee Member


Business Development


Events Marketing and Sales

Would like more information?

(07) 4151 3884

Geoffrey Atwell

Business Development

The Directors of the Nursing CPD Institute have created an education platform based on their experience as Health Care Managers, balancing the need for staff education and the budget available for same.

They are also qualified and highly skilled Nurse educators researching the most effective way to provide Nurses the education they require in an easy to access platform at a time that suits their needs.

The Education Governance Committee coordinates and reviews the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities of the Nursing CPD Institute.

We would welcome the opportunity to take you through a tour of the site via an online teleconference at a time that suits you. We promise it won't take more than 10 minutes of your time.

Simplicity in Quality Nursing Education

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