Laser and IPL use for cosmetic effect is now widely used. The media often reports on injuries sustained by clients where the operator was not adequately trained to use the device. In this post, Bravura Education identifies 6 principles for the safe use of these devices.

1. Education and understanding of the machine

The client you are treating, and their safety is in your hands. You wouldn’t drive a car without learning how to first, right? So, invest in yourself and make your education pay off by giving your clients the safest and most effective treatment you can with your knowledge of their skin and how to treat it.

2. Adhere to workplace health and safety standards for yourself and your clients

This can be as simple as having the bed at the correct height for you to perform your treatments. Have you got the correct safety glasses for yourself and your client? Are the machines cleaned appropriately after each treatment? Are the windows covered adequately?

3. Follow protocol every time

Your clinic or salon will already be equipped with some standard operating policies and procedures and within these documents are your guidelines for best practice. These are the recipes for success and safety. Cutting corners in this industry means you put your reputation on the line, the client won’t get the full benefit of treatment or worse, someone could be injured.

Click here>> to find out the final three principles.

Elissa O'Keefe

Elissa O'Keefe

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We are Australia and New Zealand’s leading health professional educators in lasers and intense pulsed light technologies for cosmetics, surgery and podiatry. Our students love the quality and flexibility of Bravura’s self-paced programs, and the support they receive to get up and running quickly.
Elissa O'Keefe
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